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Dr. Ricardo Gouveia (The First Postdoctoral Fellow)

Dr. Ricardo Gouveia is a tissue engineer who focuses on the fundamental basis of cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions to build live tissues for a number of applications. He co-founded the innovative corneal transplant company and is organizing the first issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences devoted entirely to the science of cellular agriculture.


Jeremiah Johnson (Research Director)

New Harvest is one of the founding non-profit companies for cellular agriculture that is sponsored by the MIT Media Lab. Jeremiah runs New Harvest’s fellowship and grant programs to build a strong foundation of accessible, public, fundamental cellular agriculture research.


Kate Krueger (Founder)

Helikon is a premier cell ag consulting firm that advises innovative organizations and individuals on cutting edge food technologies that promote human health and sustainability.


Dr. David Kaplan

The Kaplan Lab is home to a range of cellular agriculture projects, from creating cultivated meat with enhanced nutrition profiles (beta-carotene bacon?) to cultivate insect meat (it’s less picky to grow than mammalian cultures), to manage the behavior of cultivated cells for large scale production (without genetic engineering). In addition, Dr. Kaplan is chair of the NIH’s Biomaterials and Biointerfaces Study Section, and his group has produced the first course on cellular agriculture at Tufts.


Tobias Messmer

Tobias Messmer is a PhD candidate within the group in the Netherlands who created Mosa Meats. Mosa Meats created the world’s first hamburger with cellular agriculture. Mosa Meats is at the head of the race to market for cultured meat products. In addition, Tobias Messmer was also an organizer for the Cellular Agriculture Open Symposium, an open access conference series dedicated to building community and collaboration in the cell ag space. 


Dr. Sandhya Sriram (CEO) and Dr. Ka Yi Ling (CSO)

Shiok Meats is a Singaporean cellular seafood company -- one of the first cellular agriculture companies in SE Asia as well as one of the first cellular seafood companies in the world. Led by Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Dr. Ka-Yi Ling, entrepreneurial cell biologists by training, the company navigates a cultural and economic environment different from that of the US.


Dr. Glenn Gaudette

Dr. Gaudette is working on growing hearts and meat out of spinach leaves by using the spinach leaves as scaffolds. With their built-in vascularization, low toxicity, and biodegradation properties, leaves could be ideal tissue scaffolds for cultured meat.


Dr. Paul Mozdziak (CSO)

Dr. Mozdziak works on understanding the mechanisms of skeletal muscle growth and muscle fiber adaptations in birds and collaborates on avian primordial germ cell biology at North Carolina State University’s Department of Poultry Science. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer at Peace of Meat, a Belgian business-to-business company that uniquely works on developing cultured fats for other clean meat companies, and has worked with New Harvest to create immortalized cell lines of agriculture-relevant animals.


Dr. Cristophe Chantre (CEO)

Boston Meats is a company focused on innovating and improving the texture of cultured meat products. The company spun out of Dr. Kit Parker's Disease Biophysics group at Harvard by Dr. Christophe Chantre, Dr. Luke Macqueen, and Dr. Grant Gonzales.


Nick Ouzounov, Alexander Lorestani, Miryam Kadkhodayan

Geltor works on the fermentation of animal proteins, in particular collagen. They already have collaborations with several large brands who use Geltor’s proteins in their products



Frea Mehta

Freha Meta is a scientist working at Bluu Biosciences in Germany. She is also the co-organizer of the Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium, and has completed a Fulbright project in Post Lab.